Karen Sarid


Karen Sarid

Ms. Sarid is a business oriented senior executive with over 30 years of operation, sales, financial and strategic experience in international hi-tech companies.
In 1998 Ms. Sarid was awarded CFO of the Year in Israel by the head of economic activities in Israel.

Major Achievements

  • Sale of Alma Lasers to Fosun Pharma (2013)
  • Acquisition of Quantel Darma Assets by Alma Lasers (2012)
  • Negotiations for the merger of Galil Medical and Endocare (2009)
  • Sale of Orex Computed Radiography to the Medical Division of Kodak
  • Acquisition of Lasers Industries by ESC Medical (1998)
  • Convertible bonds issuance of ESC Medical, the first convertible bonds issuance by an Israeli company in NASDAQ (1997)
  • Secondary public offering by ESC Medical in NASDAQ (1996)


01/14 – present – chairman of Hairstetics

01/17 – present – board member of Cherry Imaging.

03/14 – 7/17 – Syneron Medical Ltd.

VP Beauty and Dental  , Chairman of China activities. Focus on the strategic actives of Syneron in China  , expanding its activities in China. Manage the company’s dental business, including sales, marketing and operations. Sold the dental Business to a Chinese organization. Responsible for building the company’s beauty business including initiating strategic alternatives.

01/14- Present  Chairman of Hairstetics- a private company in the field of hair implant , funded by Potifax and Generally.

01/12 – 08/13 – Alma Lasers Ltd.

President. Responsible for the strategic alternatives of the company. Initiate the sale of the company and managed the entire process including identifying strategic and financial acquirers, the due diligence process and negotiations.

01/13 – 8/16  Director at MCS , member of the audit and compensation committee.

06/09 – 10/10 – Syneron Medical Ltd.

General Manager of Syneron in Israel. In addition to managing the Israeli site, responsible for the Dental Division as well as the joint venture in China. Started the home use activity of Syneron as well as the skin whiting activities.

 05/09: Galil Medical Ltd.